Reference projects:


During my time at KTH and KTH Startupfactory I did some research in the area of aerodynamic performance and flowalteration for ground vehicles in general and commercial vehicles in particular. Some illustrations from windtunneltests done during this time can be found under pics/movie and the reports can be downloaded from the Downloads section.

Patented aerodynamics applied to their CCX-model. This increase flow into the engine thus increase power output. Illustration, Picture and link

Reengineering of the aerodynamics of a Ferrari 550: design of air intakes, placement of outlets, underbody design, splitter design.


Porsche 911 -78

Reengineering of the aerodynamics include design of: cooling inlets/outlets, cabin air inlet and outlet, splitter, underbody, diffuser. Work also included placement of water/oil-coolers, intercoolers, wing setup, engine air intake/outlet design, chassis setup i.e. adjustment of camber, toe, dampers and springs. For specifik information, please contact me or see pictures section.

Raceengineer responsible for setup of a Porsche Carrera Cup race car. Responsible for: coaching the driver and setup of springs, swaybars, aerodynamics, dampers, camber-, caster-, toe-angles, tyre pressure and temperature. Pictures.

International innovation competition arranged by Renault F1 and Altran. I participated with my "super wing" described under Products => Super wing. I was the only competitor from the Scandinavian countries and competed with people from other parts of the world. Pictures and link

Responsible for the general aerodynamics of the project and especially the air inlets and outlets for the cooling. Also project manager for the economics report written for the competition. Pictures.