Page of Torbjörn Gustavsson and research done within the Vortaflow project.


#1 and #2 is the reports written by me in collaboration with Tomas Melin at The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden.


#1) is a literature study on commercial vehicles aerodynamics with focus on rear end drag, focusing on different methods for reducing rear end drag.

#2) presents the results of research at RIT and the Västerås windtunnel facility.

#3) is different files referred to in the reports

#3a) Create a busprofile for simulations in Xfoil software.

#3b) Matlab and txt-fies that account for results from Västerås

#3c) Matlabfiles created by T Melin evaluating testseries III


Right-click on selected files and choose “download as”.


#1) Alternative approaches to rear end drag reduction.pdf

#2) Application of Vortex Generators to a blunt body.pdf

#3a) profile_creator_Xfoil.pdf